Industry Leading Patient Safety & Risk Management Support

Industry Leading Patient Safety & Risk Management Support

A Partner for Success

COPIC offers a better option for medical liability coverage built upon trusted guidance, professional education, proven resources, and extensive support to address today's challenges and prepare for the future of health care.


Key Resources and Programs

COPIC insureds have access to a team of 8+ physicians, in-house attorneys, top defense counsel, specially trained medical professionals, and claims and HR specialists. The following are no-cost benefits included in your coverage.

Medical Liability Insurance

Our coverage options are designed with the needs of health care professionals in mind. COPIC understands the challenges in health care, and we provide unique solutions for physicians, medical providers, group practices, health care facilities, and hospitals.

COPIC Financial Service Group

COPIC Financial Service Group is a brokerage and consulting firm that focuses on financial services and support for members of the health care community. Our team of experts ensures that your financial plan is in line with your professional career so your personal life can flourish.
  • Group Benefits

    Health and benefits plans for your employees, practice support for you.

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  • Property and Casualty

    Protect your business, your employees, and yourself.

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  • FSG Cyber Liability Coverage

    Coverage to protect against cyber risks.

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  • Financial Planning Services

    Organize your finances today so you're prepared for tomorrow.

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  • Retirement Plan Services and Consulting

    Implement retirement plan solutions for your business.

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  • Individual Life Insurance

    Ensure your loved ones are protected.

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  • Individual Disability Insurance

    Plan for unexpected disruptions to your income.

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  • Colorado Dental Association Benefits

    Benefits designed for CDA members.

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Professional Education

COPIC continues to develop educational opportunities that provide insight and guidance on top medical issues. From in-person seminars to online education courses, our extensive list of activities are designed for health care professionals and allow them to earn COPIC points that apply toward an annual premium discount.

Courses & Seminars

Resources for Medical Professionals

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