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Direct Access to Experts

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Navigating the complexities of health care often requires insight from those who understand the medical, legal, regulatory, and business environments. COPIC’s physician risk managers, legal team, and HR experts work together to answer questions from insureds and provide trusted guidance. 

24/7 Risk Management Hotline

COPIC offers a 24/7 risk management hotline staffed by experienced physician risk managers who are available to provide guidance in urgent situations.

Call: 866.274.7511

Legal Department

COPIC’s Legal Department provides support on issues where medical and legal elements intersect such as HIPAA, laws relevant to treating minors, reporting requirements, and interactions with law enforcement. Our Legal Department is available 8:30am–5pm (Mountain time), Monday through Friday.

Call: 720.858.6035

HR Hotline

Connect with our HR experts who can help resolve employment-related issues. The HR Hotline is available from 8:30am–5pm (Mountain time), Monday through Friday.

Call: 844.208.4680