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Identify high-risk areas and integrate best practices

Each year, COPIC performs on-site reviews that include over 2,000 providers at insured medical practices and facilities. These reviews identify common risks, and help ensure that adequate systems are in place to support quality patient care.

Reviews for Insured Practices: COPIC's Practice Quality Reviews are conducted by specially trained nurses who use Level One Guidelines developed by COPIC. These guidelines are determined by actual medical liability claims and incident reports that identify high-risk areas such as patient follow-up, informed consent, and monitoring drug reactions and vital signs in acute illnesses. Nurse reviewers focus on helping practices enhance patient safety and documentation as well as reducing potential adverse outcomes.

Reviews for Insured Facilities: Our Facility Assessments (FAs) are also conducted by experienced registered nurses who are trained in evaluating health care facilities to identify areas for improvement and assist staff in developing a plan to implement necessary measures. FAs provide expert insight on how facilities can enhance their delivery of patient care in ways that also support accreditation and regulatory compliance. And once an FA is complete, COPIC is there to provide assistance, education, and literature that will help facilities achieve their goals.

Both types of reviews are designed to minimize disruption to the busy professional lives of those involved. Feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive and many recognize the value of having an outside, objective perspective to help improve systems.

*State regulations and legal environments may limit the scope of availability of certain programs.

"What a helpful tool to medical practices. Extremely valuable information and suggestions...I learn something new every time we have a review by COPIC, which better enhances how we practice."

COPIC-insured practice administrator

What are the benefits of having an on-site review?

  • There is no cost associated with reviews and we come to your practice/facility for a beneficial, on-site experience.
  • At the end of a review, a summary report is discussed and serves as an action plan to implement improvements in processes; COPIC offers an array of tools and expert assistance to help address identified issues.
  • A past study demonstrated that when insureds met review guidelines, there was a notable reduction in dollars paid to claims when compared to the expected average.
  • Insureds that meet guidelines associated with a review can earn COPIC points which apply toward an annual premium discount.

Contact for On-Site Reviews: Kendra Anderson

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