Ways to Earn COPIC Points

Ways to Earn COPIC Points

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Enhance Your Risk Management Knowledge While Reducing Your Premium

The COPIC Points Program highlights educational resources that address topical issues
that are relevant to your medical practice. Participation allows insureds to earn “points”
that apply toward an annual premium discount, and in many cases,
CME/CNE credit is also available. PLEASE NOTE: The next annual cycle to
earn COPIC points ends on 10/31/24.


  • On-demand Courses

    Choose from 70+ courses that cover topics such as specialty-specific trends, managing unanticipated outcomes, patient communications, and interactive case studies.

  • Bite-Size Webinars

    This new educational series explores trending topics in health care. Sessions take place
    12–1pm MT on these dates:

    • 5/1: Chaperones & Sensitivities
    • 6/5: A Day in the Life of a COPIC Risk Manager
    • 8/7: Dealing with Child Custody Battles
    • 9/4: Documentation 2.0

    Attendance at the live virtual presentation earns facilities one COPIC point. Contact Cathi Pennetta for registration information.

  • On-Site, Virtual, or Self-Assessments

    Complete an assessment to identify high-risk areas in your practice or facility. Managed by specially trained nurses, COPIC’s assessments offer an objective review based on evidence-based guidelines, and results help you improve your systems and address preventable risks.

  • 3Rs Program

    COPIC’s industry-leading 3Rs Program helps physicians communicate with patients after an adverse outcome to address their needs, preserve the relationship, and prevent litigation. Participate in a training that focuses on 3Rs disclosure principles and how to effectively utilize the program. Contact Carmenlita Byrd for registration information.

  • Service Plans

    For certain systems and large groups that meet criteria for professional review structures, organization for quality improvement, and a scheduled COPIC educational program curriculum, we offer a streamlined process to administer points.

We look forward to partnering with you on education that meets your needs and appreciate your commitment to helping improve patient safety. Questions? Please contact our Patient Safety and Risk Management department.