Patient Safety & Risk Management

Patient Safety & Risk Management

We've got more than just your back

As a recognized leader in patient safety and risk management, COPIC offers expert advice and proven resources. Our insureds get direct access to physicians, attorneys, specially trained nurses, claims specialists, and other medical professionals who oversee our programs and understand the real-world challenges in health care. Being able to connect with those who can provide trusted guidance is just one of the many ways COPIC has more than just your back.

Call our 24/7 Risk Management Hotline

During regular office hours, call COPIC's Patient Safety and Risk Management team at (720) 858-6396.

After regular office hours, speak to a COPIC physician for urgent risk management advice:

Call: 866.274.7511

“I look at it as ‘where am I going to find the information I don’t know,’ and I get things here on patient safety that are critically important.”

COPIC-insured physician

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