Project Angel Heart

Funding from the COPIC Medical Foundation will be used to pilot a new program, Meals for Care Transitions, examining the relationship between customized meals to complement prescribed health regimens and reduced readmission rates at three COPIC-insured pilot sites in the Denver Metro Area. The pilot program will contract with health care providers to improve the health of specific patient populations through the delivery of medically-tailored meals, along with potentially reducing the risk of, and financial penalties associated with, readmissions.

About Project Angel Heart

Project Angel Heart was founded in 1991 to address major challenges facing Coloradans living with a life-threatening illness—getting the nutrition they need to get stronger and remain independent in their homes. What started out as a group of community members delivering donated lasagna to 12 individuals living with HIV/AIDS has grown into a thriving organization preparing and delivering individually modified meals to thousands of Coloradans living with cancer, kidney/heart/lung disease, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and other life-threatening illnesses.