Life at COPIC

There are benefits on paper that motivate people to work at certain companies, and then there are the intangible elements of a company that inspire employees to love their jobs and the people they work with. At COPIC, we have created a culture that embodies our mission of improving medicine in the communities we serve. We strive for something higher, respect each other as individuals, and always make time to have a little fun. From programs that promote wellness through healthy activities to internal recognition for employees' accomplishments, life at COPIC is always interesting and filled with opportunities.  

What COPIC employees say about working here

“COPIC promotes a culture that feels like family. It is very clear to me that management cares about employee health, welfare, education and life balance. In addition, I’m proud to be part of an organization that is dedicated to its insureds as well as the patients they serve.”

—Diane Laff, Business Support Coordinator

“It really comes down to the people I work with and their ability to keep me engaged. I learn something new just about every day and am constantly impressed about everyone's commitment to our mission.”

—Sam Adams, Senior Applications Developer

A few words from COPIC's President

“COPIC’s culture reflects a passionate desire to do the right thing for our insureds, each other, and the health care community. Our employees share a sense of integrity that is evident in their actions, both inside and outside of the office. Each person here plays an important role in reinforcing the distinctive work environment we’ve created and it’s something that I am proud to be a part of everyday.”

—Steve Rubin, President

COPIC Community Involvement

Our employees take pride in their service to our local communities.

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