Coronavirus-Your COPIC Policy

Coronavirus-Your COPIC Policy

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August 2, 2021

*All policy terms and conditions otherwise apply. Please review your policy.

Contact Information:
Underwriting: (720) 858-6176
Policyholder Billing Questions: (720) 858-6211 
Electronic Payment Options
COPIC has updated our electronic billing and payment service to offer more convenient options for managing your account. You may make your payment by credit card or bank transfer through the COPIC website at Log in to the Service Center using your username/password, and under the Policy Information drop-down, select Billing Information or simply click on the green Pay Now button.

Does my policy cover me for claims involving COVID-19?
COPIC’s policy covers claims resulting from the delivery of professional medical services, by you or any person under your supervision, including telemedicine, medical treatment and diagnoses, and rendering medical opinions or medical advice, unless an exclusion applies. Without knowing the specific allegations, COPIC cannot definitively state whether a claim is covered, but most claims alleging negligence in the delivery of medical services would be covered, including those related to COVID-19.

Am I covered for telemedicine under my COPIC policy?
Covered claims (see above) involving the use of telemedicine to deliver medical services are generally covered. State medical licensing laws, regulations, and rules may apply. 

Will my policy provide coverage for volunteer work?
Yes, if you are an active policyholder with COPIC. 

Am I covered if I temporarily provide medical care outside of my specialty due to COVID-19?
Your policy indicates, in part, that COPIC will pay damages that you are obligated to pay as a result of a claim arising from your provision of medical services within the limits of your professional license, including telemedicine, medical treatment and diagnoses, and rendering medical opinions or medical advice. 

We encourage our insureds to maintain a proper review of training, knowledge, experience, medical judgment, and personal comfort when considering any scope changes. Please contact your agent or COPIC underwriter to address any changes.

If practice activities and/or procedures are reduced or eliminated, are policy adjustments available?
You are not required to notify us if there is a temporary reduction in your hours or procedures. However, if there are significant changes that we should consider for a policy adjustment(s), please contact your agent or underwriter to discuss options.