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COPIC FSG Coronavirus Information

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April 13, 2020

We want you to know that we have taken steps to make sure we continue to be available to assist you as we all deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. While we are working remotely to help reduce the spread of the virus and to also protect the health of our staff, we are fully operational and available.

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COPIC FSG represents multiple carriers and each policy will have different policy provisions. The below information is provided for general information purposes only. If you feel you have a covered loss, the claims adjuster assigned by the carrier that issued your policy will be the authorized person to answer specific claims questions. 

Thank you for choosing COPIC FSG to assist you with your insurance needs. Please reach out to us to review and discuss any coverage questions or concerns you have.  


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We have had many calls from concerned insureds regarding insurance coverage that may apply in this COVID-19 situation. Below is an overview of the most common policy types and how the related coverages may apply,

While the majority, if not all, policies exclude coverage for losses that are associated with a virus-caused pandemic, due to the uncertainty of any actions or waivers that may be put in place during the pandemic, we are advising all clients who are experiencing a loss of business income or who are unable to work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, to notify your carrier of a potential covered loss.

Business Owners Policy – Most business owners policies include coverage for loss of income. To trigger a loss of income claim under most policies, there has to be a sudden and accidental physical-covered cause of loss as defined in the policy. Unfortunately, viruses are excluded as a covered cause of loss, so there would be no coverage available under a business owners policy. Some policies also include coverage for civil authority that would apply if a government agency stepped in and closed off access to your building, however, the closure has to be the result of a covered cause of loss (usually fire, wind, hail, etc.) and a pandemic is not a covered cause. 

Workers’ Compensation coverage – This is still being debated by our insurance carriers with regards to coverage. A claimant would have to be able to prove that they received the COVID-19 virus at/through work and not any other sources. Generally, there are two areas examined before any illness or disease, including the coronavirus, qualifies as occupational and thus compensable under workers' compensation: 
The illness or disease must be occupational, meaning that it arose out of and was in the course and scope of the employment; and
The illness or disease must arise out of or be caused by conditions specific to the work.

The evaluation of these two areas and whether coverage will apply is determined by the carrier that provides the policy. As the coronavirus becomes more widespread in communities, we anticipate that the discussion will focus on determining whether or not people who test positive acquired the virus in the workplace setting.  

Business Overhead Insurance – This policy is designed to step in if the owner/physician/dentist is unable to work due to an injury or illness. There may be coverage, however, there is also generally a long waiting period of 60–90 days prior to coverage being available after the onset of the injury or illness to apply. 

Short-Term Disability Insurance – This policy is designed to pay if you are injured/sick and cannot work for a period of time. There is a waiting period that can range from 0–15 days or more before coverage applies.

Group Benefits – We are receiving many questions regarding the laying off or furloughing of employees and how this will affect the employees’ benefits. Most of the medical insurance providers (and life and disability carriers) have “relaxed” their active at work policies for the short term (UnitedHealthcare and Anthem until 5/31/20). What this means is that employees can be furloughed or laid off (even file for unemployment in most instances) yet still keep their group coverage in place. The only thing that needs to remain constant is the employer continues to pay its monthly premiums. Since the COVID-19 situation is rapidly changing, please contact FSG or your group benefits agent for information regarding your specific policy.