CO-POWER—Cost Savings for COPIC Customers

In addition to the comprehensive coverage and innovative patient safety and risk management programs offered, COPIC offers another financial benefit for its insureds that provides access to group purchasing for office supplies and services. An arrangement between COPIC and GroupSource Group Purchasing, a leader in cost containment strategies for medical practices, permits COPIC-insured customers to participate in an innovative program called CO-POWER. The following items are available through the CO-POWER program:

Medical supplies
Computer repair/service
Charts & records
Laboratory supplies & testing
Statement processing
Claims processing
Yellow page advertising
Copiers & printers
X-ray supplies/services
Food service
Custom compounding
New carpet
Pharmacy supplies
Magazine subscriptions
Employment screening
Cellular phone service
Office furniture
Medical equipment
Medical waste disposal
Office supplies
Answering services
Conference calling
Postage machines
Toner and ink cartridges
Elevator service
Collection services
Payroll processing
Pharmacy dispensing
Overnight delivery service
Credit card processing
Linen and laundry services
Forms & printing
Electronic Medical Records
Medical publications
Transcription services
Carpet cleaning

Contact Christopher Wright at 720.399.7499 or email for a free, no obligation analysis to compare the prices you currently pay to the contract prices that have been negotiated. Savings are direct to your practice; COPIC receives no commission, rebate, or percentage.

COPIC provides information about CO-POWER as a resource. We believe practices may realize savings from program participation, however, each practice is different and must make this determination based on its own circumstances.