Coverage and Services

A comprehensive approach to ensure you are

covered both professionally and personally

COPIC Insurance provides the medical liability coverage that health care professionals depend on and the expertise they need to focus on what matters most-better medicine and better lives. Beyond coverage with fair, affordable premiums and comprehensive protection, we offer patient safety and risk management resources that enhance your ability to stay informed of ways to improve and reduce liability risks.

In addition, COPIC Financial Service Group offers a team of experts who know how to find the best insurance and financial products and services to help you manage your career and personal life. Nobody insures more eligible doctors in Colorado than COPIC, and we're the Colorado Medical Society's and Nebraska Medical Association's endorsed carrier for medical professional liability insurance.

COPIC Financial Service Group is an insurance brokerage firm representing a variety of insurance carriers. Products offered by COPIC Financial are not issued by COPIC Insurance Company.

Medical Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

We offer professional medical liability insurance coverage that is customized to meet your needs whether you're an individual or a hospital representative looking for facility coverage.

Looking for a Preliminary Coverage Estimate?

We can provide you with a premium indication—or preliminary estimate of your premium—based on your current information. Final premium figures and eligibility for various discounts and premium credit programs are determined upon underwriting review of all application materials and forms.

To receive a premium indication for individual, group, professional corporation, or facility professional liability coverage, contact Sales at 720.858.6186 or 800.421.1834, ext. 6186.

Because medical professional liability insurance policies can vary so widely, a sales representative will ask you to provide a copy of the declarations page from your current coverage. This information will allow us to make a true apples-to-apples comparison of policy features and provide you with a premium indication.

Please note: premium indications are preliminary estimates based on the information available at the time the indication is made. Final premium figures are determined upon underwriting review of all necessary applications and supplemental forms, as well as a determination of your eligibility for various discount/premium credit programs.

New Applicants - Get Started with COPIC

New to COPIC and wondering what types of policies we offer? To find out about available coverage in your area, click the "Apply" button. From there, we can provide you with information about your coverage options and help you select the one the best fits your needs.

Volunteer Physician Program

Do you volunteer your services and solely provide uncompensated medical care? You may be eligible to have your medical professional liability insurance covered by COPIC. Each year, we provide liability coverage for more than 75 Colorado and Nebraska physicians who qualify and deliver invaluable patient care. If you would like to find out more about the volunteer physician coverage and determine if you are eligible, please contact Sales at 720.858.6186 or

Patient Safety and Risk Management

COPIC invests a larger share of its budget toward patient safety, quality improvement, and risk management resources than any other medical liability insurer in the nation. Our staff consists of trained medical professionals who understand the challenges of health care and know how to support health care professionals to reduce liability risk and improve internal systems.

Cyber Liability Coverage

COPIC has added cyber liability coverage to eligible policies as another level of protection against security and privacy breaches along with other credible cyber threats and related liability issues. To learn about this new coverage click the “more information” button.

Business and Personal Insurance Coverage

When you need more than medical professional liability insurance, COPIC Financial Service Group can help.

A Variety of Services and Products to Meet Your Needs

You need to account for all the risks that life brings, not just professional liability. COPIC Financial Service Group can make sure you have the coverage you need so you can focus on providing quality care. Are you a member of the Colorado Dental Association (CDA)? Click on the right button to learn about the services we provide members as the endorsed administrator for CDA.