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COPIC Points Reminder

Sep 29, 2021

We are approaching the 12/31/21 deadline for eligible insureds to earn COPIC points and qualify for the preferred premium discount. Physician insureds who have at least 3 COPIC points at the end of the year receive the discount, which is applied to the subsequent year's policy renewal. Facility policyholders can also earn up to 3 COPIC points and qualify for a premium discount as well. Visit our COPIC Points Program page on the website for more details.

You can access your COPIC points history by logging into the Service Center. When you enter the Service Center, you will select your policy and then select "Points/Education History" via the dropdown menu. You will be directed to a new page to view your COPIC points balance. If you feel your records are inaccurate, please send an email to copicpoints@copic.com with the missing information so that we can research and correct your COPIC points profile prior to year-end.

There is still time to earn COPIC points. Here are some of your options:  

•Take an on-demand course—Simply visit our site at www.callcopic.com/education; there are 60+ courses and most take around 30–45 minutes to complete.

• Attend the COPIC Forum (insured facilities)—This annual event is designed for staff at medical facilities and will be held in-person in Denver this year on October 6-8.

• Complete a Practice Quality Review or Facility Assessment—Overseen by experienced nurses, these reviews look at your practice’s/facility’s systems to identify potential areas of risk and help mitigate these with guidance on best practices and suggested improvements.

• Consider customized trainings—There may be opportunities to work with COPIC to develop a training that focuses on a particular issue that is relevant to your situation; if you are interested in scheduling a seminar at your facility or practice, please contact Carmenlita Byrd at cbyrd@copic.com or (800) 421-1834, ext. 6131.

• Earn points for programs offered by other organizations—COPIC will consider approving COPIC points for programs and seminars given by other organizations such as professional societies, medical societies, and hospital programs. These programs must be approved in advance and the decision is based on the patient safety and risk management content.

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